Hi! I'm Gabby.

A little background about me; I come from a family full of Cosmetologists and Makeup Artist, but the medical field was always of my interest. After completing all of my prerequisites for a nursing program and receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration, a friend introduced me to the world of microblading. I saw this as an opportunity to combine my interests in beauty and the human body, and as an opportunity to change peoples’ lives. I am currently a Washington State licensed permanent makeup artist. I trained under Jenn Boyd Ink in Los Angeles, CA in March of 2018. There I learned how to design and brow map to ensure symmetry, contraindications to microblading, color theory, safety and sanitation, how to properly microblade and how to educate clients on aftercare. Ethics is huge for me, as I will not tattoo anyone’s face that I do not feel is a candidate that will heal with amazing results. In saying that, I offer consultations, as there is a lot to learn and know before receiving a permanent cosmetic procedure and a huge goal of mine is to make my clients knowledgeable and educated about the procedures they are receiving. I currently offer microblading, combination brows (a combination of microblading and manual shading), and Henna Brow for those that are not a candidate for microblading or are not ready for the commitment of permanent cosmetics. I look forward to speaking with you about the possibility of creating the brows you wish existed!

or call or text me at 559-309-9574